Welcome to my website! I am a postdoctoral fellow in Neuroscience at Brown University. I completed my Ph.D. in neuroscience at Brown University in May 2018. My research focuses on sensory processing, and I work in the lab of Carlos Aizenman. In particular, I am developing the Xenopus laevis tadpole into a multi-level model for studying multisensory processing. For more information, check out my summary for a lay audience and my detailed explanations for other neuroscientists.

Beyond my dissertation research, I work hard to communicate science to a non-expert audience through my work at Nerd Nite, on campus, at conferences and online. I have spoken at Nerd Nite, and now as co-host, I coach speakers, coordinate with the venue and advertise for each monthly event. In addition to Nerd Nite, I also participate in K-12 education initiatives through Brown’s neuroscience department and chapter of Graduate Women in Science and Engineering. I write and peer-edit for Friends of Joe’s Big Idea, a writing project for aspiring science writers.

I am also a member of the Extraordinary Rendition Band, an activist street band based in Providence, RI, and I am a eight-time Tough Mudder finisher.

Connect with me on TwitterLinkedIn, ResearchGate and NeurOnline.

Image: Friday Harbor, Washington, where I spent 2 weeks at the Summer Workshop on the Dynamic Brain hosted by the Allen Brain Institute and the University of Washington.