Writing with Friends of Joe’s Big Idea

In 2015, I joined a group of aspiring science communicators led by Joe Palca of National Public Radio (NPR). Recently, this group blossomed from a group of people who care about and share interesting science articles to a group that also helps each other write science articles for the public. Over the course of 2 months, a writer progresses from idea to published blog-style post. First, a writer pitches a story and Joe Palca and Maddie Sofia (the Queen of the FOJBIs) help it find an outlet. Then, the writer drafts the article and 3-5 other FOJBIs provide feedback on this draft. After a series of edits, including some from Joe and Maddie, the writer finalizes the post and it’s published.

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Dynamic Poster SFN 2016

At the Society for Neuroscience meeting in November 2016 I was offered the opportunity to present my research as a Dynamic Poster. This is a really cool format – instead of the usual 3 foot by 4 foot piece of paper, I had a 55 inch TV to display my research on. However, there wasn’t much guidance on how to create a Dynamic Poster, so I hope future Dynamic Poster presenters will find my notes helpful. The research I presented is described in my research summary and recently published in Elife, an open access journal.  Continue reading

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Research Matters! at Brown

On November 5, 2016, I gave a 5 minute presentation entitled “Neural Circuits: How Brain Meets World.” Watch the video below, and then read below for my musings on the experience.

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